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Pre-empt the Problem: Does Your Photography Client Respect You?

There is one important fact about human nature. Without respect, abuse tends to follow. To command respect signals that you...

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More Money Than Time? Maybe a Photography Franchise Is Your Solution

Operating a photography business within a franchise isn’t for everyone. For some, the framework and support investment isn’t worth the...

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Your Photography Business: Competing with the Legitimate Hobby

As mind boggling as it may seem, there are people in business for the sake of being in business. They...

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They’re Teaching You Wrong: You Can Still Make Money From Your Photography as a Hobby

Here is a very basic statement: You can make money from your photos as a hobby. If you take photos...

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Are You Waiving Your Photography Fees Goodbye?

Whenever you choose not to enforce one of your contract rights, that’s called a waiver. Because your rights usually have...

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Pre-empt the Problem: The Misery of the Missed Photo Moment

Missed moments are disappointing for both the client and the photographer. But stuff happens, and a lot of that stuff...

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Why You Should Keep Your Photo Biz Client Drama Off Social Media

Sometimes you just can’t help yourself, even though you know better. The moral of the story is that not all...

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Parts of Your Photography Contract You Should Not Change

When all is said and done, the happiest client in the world isn’t worth it if you’ve been damaged or...

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When Clients Want to Change Your Photography Contract

In a perfect world, people love your work and accept your offer quickly and happily. But we don’t live or...

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The Post-Pandemic Boomerang to Bust: Is Photography in Trouble Again?

Over the last few months, a common theme has trickled into photography group discussions. It’s as though no one wants...

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5 Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Photography Business

No one wants to be confronted by one of these issues in their daily business. Awareness is the key to...

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7 Things You Should Do Before Starting a Photography Business

You probably want to start your business now. Right away. As soon as possible. Today! If you’re prepared, then go...

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