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Staffer, Freelancer, or Business Owner: Which Photography Career is Right for You?

As a photographer, you have a myriad of opportunities to turn your passion into a successful career. By exploring the...

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Nailing Your First Photo Session: Tips for Planning as a New Photographer without a Studio

New clients plus no studio doesn’t have to add up to a stressful start to your photography business. After all,...

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To (Photography) Degree or Not to Degree, That is the Question

Once upon a time, a photography degree could be the key to the golden door of high profile projects and...

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Need a Photography Superpower? Build Relationships

In competitive industries like photography, it pays to have an edge. As great as your photos may be, there’s a...

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Photography Business 101: What You Can Learn from Your Competition

In any industry, it's important to have a good understanding of your competition. This is especially true for new photographers...

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Photography Business 101: Creating Your Contract

The simple fact is you need a contract between yourself and your photography client. The only thing worse than not...

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Outsourcing for Photography: An Overview

Have you ever heard yourself mutter about not having enough time in the day to get everything in your photography...

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No Photo Studio? 4 Alternatives to Consider

No studio? No problem. Let these 4 popular options inspire your creativity. Starting a photography business can be an exciting...

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The Problem with Associate Photographers in Your Business

It’s not that you use or hire Associate Photographers, it’s how you use or hire them and what written agreements...

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Pre-empt the Problem: Does Your Photography Client Respect You?

There is one important fact about human nature. Without respect, abuse tends to follow. To command respect signals that you...

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More Money Than Time? Maybe a Photography Franchise Is Your Solution

Operating a photography business within a franchise isn’t for everyone. For some, the framework and support investment isn’t worth the...

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Your Photography Business: Competing with the Legitimate Hobby

As mind boggling as it may seem, there are people in business for the sake of being in business. They...

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