The Painful Truth:

Photography businesses
FAIL when photographers
don't understand

But you don't have to fail.

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This is why you will fail.

Photography businesses fail because photographers don’t understand or operate like a business.

Your photos are wonderful. Nothing makes you happier than time with your camera. You know you can turn your photo hobby into a photography business. But hundreds - if not thousands of people have this same idea every year. Many of them are in your own community. In just a few short years, the overwhelming majority of those new business will be gone. You're asking the question, "Why?" Is it because the customers didn't come? The pricing was wrong? Too much competition? Unexpected expenses? Legal troubles? The answer is "All of the above... and more!"

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But you don't have to fail.

FireBrand Photography provides education, coaching, and community to transform photo hobbyists into thriving, successful professionals.

Starting - and running - a successful business is more than just knowing where to start. The photography industry has its own specific quirks and issues. Pressing the shutter button is only a small part of it. Budgets, workflow processes, marketing, customer service, contracts, legal compliance, computer skills, the list is certainly long. The great thing is that you don't need to know all these things on Day One of your business journey. Sometimes just knowing where to start is a big enough challenge. Your commitment to getting off on the right foot - and staying there - is the most important step in your journey.

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That's where FireBrand comes in.

Info & Education

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Coaching & Community

Don't go it alone! Join the virtual community in our Facebook Group. Ask questions, share experiences, and network with pros and nearly-pros in all stages of the photography business.

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What we do to help you.

FireBrand Photography provides education, coaching, and community to transform photo hobbyists into thriving, successful professionals.

  • Want to make your business legit, but no idea where to start?
  • Is your photo business not living up to your hopes and dreams
    and you're not sure what do do about it?
Whether it's one-on-one professional coaching, our free support community, or something in between, FireBrand can help.

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Some of the topics we cover...

Your Legal Foundation

What business structure is right for me: LLC, SCorp, DBA? What pro services do I need on my team? What are my experiences and resources? What type of insurance do I need? What permits do I need? What about sales tax?

Know Your Numbers

What is CoDB and how do I calculate it? How much money do I need to start my photography business? How do I create a business budget? How important is a business plan? What are some hidden costs that I might not think about?

Building Your Brand

What is brand and what do I want my unique brand to be? What will my aesthetic look like? What name will my business use? What type of photography will I offer? Who will be my ideal client? What style will my photography take?

Understanding Contracts

Why are contracts important? Do I need a contract even if I don't charge? What type of contract do I need for my particular photography business? What are model releases and licenses? How do I protect my creative work?

Workflow Management

What happens before and after I actually take photos? What are the steps of workflow in my photography business? What tools, equipment, or resources will help with my workflow? How do I create a system that works for me and my client?

The Product & Pricing

What type of products and service will I offer my clients? Will I offer prints and other tangible goods? How do I source my vendors? How do I know how many photos to offer and at what price? Should I charge by the project or by the hour?

The Art of Sales

How will I market my products and services? How do I get new business? What are some strategies for dealing with sales objections? How do I attract clients willing to pay the price I want to earn? What about my digital storefront and portfolio?

Your Competitive Advantage

What is the secret to success in such a competitive industry as photography? Why is pricing a fatal strategy? How do I manage my reputation? How do I find my unique selling proposition (USP) and market that into the world?

And so much more that goes into a successful photography business!

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